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Adidas Dragon Ball Z Pack Yung-1 & ZX 500 RM

Two classics combined – the adidas zx 500, primarily released in 1984 during the olympic summer games matches the in 1989 first airing dragon ball z series. Both gained an iconic status by now, therefore our enthusiasm couldn’t be higher.

The ZX 500 comes with a nylon upper and velour trim, and its colorway re-imagines son-goku’s appearance, whereas orange and blue are dominating the sneakers‘ silhouette. The midsole includes the BOOST-technology, providing a light wearing comfort and high cushioning. The white designed BOOST-sole gets an upgrade by applicating orange and blue elements fitting the overall appearance. You will find an absolute eyecatcher at the side panel: the well-known cloud »Jindujun«.

Dragon Ball Z Fans definitely remember Frieza’s various appearances. This character’s look-alike Yung-1 comes dressed in white and purple, furthermore some pink elements remind us of Frieza’s basic appearance in the beginning oft the Frieza-Saga. The silhouette matches mesh with nubuck and echoes the vintage runner.

For a better look check the photos below

Yung 1 “Frieza” 

September 29th – 00:01 CET 





ZX 500 RM “Son Goku”

September 29th  – 00:01 CET 





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