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A go-to pair for runs of any distance, these shoes have energised cushioning that works with a flexible outsole to deliver a smooth and comfortable ride. The breathable mesh upper is designed to support and stretch as you move for an optimal fit. This Hu edition is designed with genre-defying star Pharrell Williams.

The three-piece footwear collection, and its corresponding range of apparel, take cues from Africa’s rich culture while simultaneously paying homage to its storied history of long-distance running. The resulting release sees the kicks in the vibrant hues of eastern Africa, while those same hues and a variety of patterns grace singlets, t-shirts, shorts and leggings.

‘Africa is a beautiful continent and the origin of civilization,’ says Pharrell. ‘Running is a state of meditation. Why not go back to the motherland and take inspiration from such a vivid and rich culture? Why not create a tribute to this incredible sport? Why can’t the shoe that people wear on the street have a performance function? This is what we sought to achieve with this collection.’ . For a better look check the photos below

The Adidas Pharrell Williams Solar Hu Glides will see it’s release this Tuesday 25th of september at midnight 00:00 CET via







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